Make Sports a Breeze with Sarnia Athletic Mouthwear

Many athletes wear a mouthguard during high-impact or contact sports. The mouthwear can be a great way to make participating in sports safer for your smile. Preventing serious oral health injuries is a benefit of athletic mouthwear.

Mouthguards will help athletes who have braces to protect teeth and soft tissue during impact.

Why Do Athletes Use Mouthwear?

In addition to minimizing damage on impact, athletic mouthguards help increase moisture in an athlete's mouth and throat. They also help with breathing during workouts by opening their airways. Mouthguards are also helpful if an athlete gets a tooth knocked out during game impact. Sarnia athletic mouthwear will help to keep teeth in the mouth. We encourage you to bring the avulsed tooth to the dentist as soon as possible save your smile.

Types of Athletic Mouthwear

There are three types of mouthwear; stock, boil and bite, and custom-fitted mouthguard. Athletes often prefer the custom-fitted mouthwear as it specifically caters to their teeth formation.

It is common for athletes to wear custom mouthguards in contact sports because they cover the teeth and cushion blows.

How to Care for Your Mouthwear

Sarnia athletic mouthwear will last with proper care. Follow your dentist’s directions which include:

  • Drying off the mouthwear after use
  • Clean the surface with a soft toothbrush or cloth
  • Store the mouthguard away from direct sunlight

Find Out More About Sarnia Athletic Mouthwear

Sarnia athletic mouthwear comes in different styles for men and women. They will be a great fit, no matter what activity you need it for. Find out more about custom mouthguards. Contact us today.